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Welcome to LGEO Research Wiki Page

This wiki is created to help collect and agreggate relevant information on events in local government webbie world so ACTION can be taken and all that knowledge does not disappear. I'd say this wiki is more about lists and tables to keep it simple and clean. I'll be adding all of my lists (local gov twitter, facebook and etc) onto here so the list can be updated by localgovwebbies themselves. So far there are 5 pages:-


  • LGEO Research Data - UK Local Councils Twitter, Facebook, Flickr and YouTube lists.
  • The LGEO Research LocalGovCamp Edition - This section was designed so we can recap on the things that were being discussed and get some background information on each session. It is hoped to generate action as well so we can get things moving and accomplish our objectives and reach our goals from each of those sessions.
  • Upcoming Events - If you know of any upcoming events or even past events where knowledge is still growing based on that event, kindly fill in the table with the relevant information. Hopefully this will be the hub where people can come to find out what events are happening in localgovweb. Also if you are having an event in your council, don't hesitate to put it down as well. We'd all love to know what you guys are up to i.e. any social media cafe sessions and etc. Thanks!
  • Social Media Guidelines and Policy - There are alot of places where you can find examples of good social media policies. Here are a couple of good links to start off with. Maybe we can actually create one dummy policy here where it can be constantly improved by the community and even possibly have different versions of it. I.e. Basic, Moderate and Major.
  • Events Hashtag - This page is setup so we can all keep track of current hashtags on twitter so we will be aware of all of the events and what those hashtags stand for. So if you hear of any event or want to know about any active events happening, just check this page and hopefully you'll find something interesting to follow. Look at it as a TV channel listing and you can switch onto that channel when you find something interesting to follow.
  • Local Gov Researchers List - This page lists all local gov researchers who are currently studying for a degree. This page is created so that other people are aware of your research and possibly be able to help.  It is also my vision that local gov researchers will one day receive some funding to achieve better results and get better access to research data or participants. So please feel free to fill in the form below if you are one of the epic visionary researchers! :-)
  • UK Local Councils Social Media officers - Here is a list of UK Local Councils with dedicated social media officers. Please feel free to fill in your own details if you are one of these special and talented people! :o




Many thanks.


Liz Azyan xxx


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